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Are you looking for the best deals on any of the products in the Ferretti Yacht line in today’s market? Look right here! If you would like more information on one or more of the Ferretti, Pershing, Riva, or Mochi Craft Yachts below, or would like me to search for another New or Used Yacht from the Ferretti Yacht Group, please please email me at ot text me at 239.707.9422, or go to my Contact Me page and I will contact you shortly.

63 Ferretti Yacht

Contact me for a full color listing on the fine 630 Ferretti Fly.


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50 Pershing

Do not miss this opportunity!
All you high preformance guys that are looking for a yacht should look at this P50
Powered with 800 HP MAN diesels with surface drives

This 50-footer is based on a conventional deep-V hull with a deadrise deeper than most at 22 degrees. Chines and spray rails are fairly pronounced. The long, lean bow cuts smoothly through waves, pointing to a safe and secure ride even in tough conditions.

To say that Pershing has succeeded is an understatement. In fact, the company has succeeded brilliantly; this design puts Pershing in a class of its own, leaving competitors to play catch-up. The 50 is fast and has classic styling to match.
Call me 239 707 9422 or email me at for a full listing.
Valued at $635,000

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62 Ferretti FlyBridge

This is a rare opportunity to own an extremely clean and well equipped Ferretti 620 Fly
This yacht was commissioned new in 2006 and has been meticulously maintained by a full time captain since it was purchased.
The F620 has an awesome ride and cruises comfortably at 30MPH.
Valued at $899.00
Email me for a complete listing.

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53 Ferretti Fly Bridge Yacht

Email me for information on used 53 Ferretti Yachts

53 Ferretti aft window arch 1 bridge console bridge table cockpit coffee table dinnette foredeck galley 2 PROFILE PROFILE 1 salon aft salon fwd

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64 Pershing Yachts For Sale

As of today – April 24th 2013 there are six 64 Pershing yachts for sale in the US.
The P64 is one of the best selling Pershings sold in the country. If you like speed, luxury and want to own a sexy performance yacht, you might want to consider looking at a P64.
If would like to see a complete list of all 64’s available for sale, let me know.



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52 Riva Rivale

This magnificent 2012 52 Riva Rivale yacht is located in South West Florida.
Powered by twin 900 MAN diesels.
The yacht has three staterooms and bathrooms.
This 52 Riva Rivale truly is spectacular
She is valued at $1.19800.
For a complete listing email me

11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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2006 62 Pershing Yacht

“Felicia” is a beautiful example of Pershing’s ever popular 62. She is a U.S. set-up vessel with U.S. electrical and electronics systems. The air-conditioning and refrigeration systems are U.S. specified for tropical climates. Pershings are sleek, elegant, fast and, most importantly, a craft designed to be driven. The 62 is no exception. They have been described as the equivalent of an Italian Supercar built for the water. The American analogy is “part motor yacht, part muscle car.” The salon is plush and comfortable, yet just to the forward of the salon is a helm reminiscent of a fighter jet. Rarely does a dichotomy seem to blend together just right. The Pershing 62 has a deep-V hull design allowing for rough water handling at speed, yet the Arneson drives allow for shallow draft (4’3″) which makes it the perfect vessel for running in the shallow waters of the Florida Keys, Bahamas and Caribbean. Miami to Cat Key in the Bahamas can be accomplished in just over an hour.

“Felicia” is extremely clean and lightly used. The interior appears in near new condition. The leather seating surfaces are taut, the teak flooring has no wear patterns and the interior high gloss cherry wood work is shiny and free from scratches. The exterior finishes and paint are glossy and bright with very few paint scuffs. She has been professionally maintained and she shows it. Not only are the interior spaces and the exterior finishes clean and bright, the machinery spaces show cleanliness and care. “Felicia” is an excellent deal, in excellent condition at an excellent price and she won’t last long.
Valued at $999,000
Call me at 239 707-9422
Email me at

p1 p2 p4 p5 p6 p7 p8 p9 p10

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2000 72 Ferretti Yacht For Sale

2000 72′ Ferretti for sale.
New asking price of $975,000.  On the used yacht market in South Florida.
For a complete listing feel free to email me.

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2001 72 Ferretti Yacht For Sale

For sale in Florida is a very well maintained blue hull 72 Ferretti Yacht.
The Vessel is valued at $1.190,000 & is located in South Florida.
If you have not seen a listing on the yacht, feel free to contact me via email at or text me your email at 239 707-9422

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Used 2005 33 Riva For Sale

Riva 33 for sale.
Majestic Blue with only 650 hours. This beautiful little pocket yacht is powered with twin 330 BHP Yanmar diesels
Email me for a color listing at or text me your email at 239 707 9422

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